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For many years, Oasis has been the only tour program in the United States dedicated solely to Biblical and Theocratic History Tours. Our goal has been simply to make unique spiritually encouraging tours with Bible themes available to those who appreciate them. Our location in New York City lends itself to that. Our motto has always fittingly been, TOURS THAT ENCOURAGE!

Our sincere and humble desire is that friends will find these tours as refreshing as an Oasis in the desert! (w02 3/15 pp. 24-25) We have never been commercial in nature or motivated by profit. In fact, as many tours as possible are done freely or at cost! We are not a travel agency and we do not do leisure travel or tours. All of us are dedicated brothers and sisters, most of whom are in the full-time service and work secularly apart from this. We do not post our names or privileges on the website because we do not seek special recognition or acclaim. We hope the tours speak for themselves. (Matthew 11:19)   

Please note that we are not interested in “stirring up competition” with anyone. (Galatians 5:26) Even if others try to copy the Oasis program, we only remain doing what we have always done. Despite busy lives and many responsibilities, like so many of you dear ones, we have voluntarily made room in our schedules to design and conduct these tours for your benefit and encouragement.

You may be assured all tours are based on the Bible, publications of the faithful and discreet slave, and reputable secular sources. Modern experiences have been verified with long-time members of the Bethel family. For as long as it may be Jehovah’s will, we pray these tours will continue to be a blessing to others and glorify his name. May all praise and honor go to him for the way in which archaeology, history, and fulfilled prophecy vindicates the Scriptures! (Isaiah 46:9, 10; Luke 19:40)

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It will be a real pleasure to be with you one day if you choose to join us on TOURS THAT ENCOURAGE!


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Each of our five Metropolitan Museum of Art tours is entirely different in its 'look and feel.'  However we think you will find it fascinating to see how each of gallery in this exceptional museum are like unique pieces to a great puzzle that piece together mankind's existence.  

Met Tours 

We are now offering our Providence in Prophecy NYC bus tours for individual bookings on select dates.  Please click the link below to go to our Providence in Prophecy tour page and there you will be able to see the dates available.  From there just click on the date you are interested and fill out the request form.  These buses will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Providence in Prophecy  ›

Our multi day tour of Washington D.C. is full of sites with theocratic and prophetic significance.  We have carefully prepared a faith-strengthening tour that focuses on how the Bible influenced the founding fathers of the American Revolution and the significant role it played in the development of the nation.

The Horn and the Holy Ones ›