• NEW TOUR  at the Israel Museum:  We are thrilled to be part of newly developed tour at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem entitled: Let Us Go Up To the Mountain of Jehovah. Read more about this faith strengthening new tour by clicking here.

  • FALL 2017 DATES FOR NYC TOURS:  Head over to our Providence in Prophecy page to see all the new dates posted for tours of NYC in the Fall of 2017.

  • NEW CALIFORNIA tour progress:  Work on our upcoming tour at the beautiful Getty Villa is moving right along.  We recently conducted 3 preliminary tours and the friends that joined us enthusiastically pronounced it "a home run!"  While we can't yet provide specifics in terms of dates and times to request this tour, you can click here for details on the One God Versus Many Bible based tour of the Getty Villa.  On that page is a form to sign up on our Getty Villa tour email list to be among the first to be notified as details become available.

  • The available dates for The Warwick Wagon are posted on the corresponding web page under BUS TOURS.  Please keep in mind these dates are filled on a first come - first served basis and many dates are already fully booked.

  • Do you have your own bus-sized group you would like us to arrange tours for to any part of the Golden Triangle of Warwick, Wallkill & Patterson?  Please email for more information and supply a contact number to reach you.  This can usually be combined with other Oasis tours if you desire.  Our comprehensive Bethel complex tour program includes all transportation, guiding, encouraging presentation en-route to all facilities with audio & video, auxiliary stops for meals and sightseeing, and so forth.  For bus-sized groups flying in, we can arrange for a coach and guide to meet you at the airport for the transfer to your hotel.  Generally the coach, driver, and guide are with you the entire stay.

Tours That Encourage

Just as an oasis is a refreshing place in a dry desert, being with like-minded ones on encouraging tours is truly a ‘spiritual oasis.’  Decades ago we began escorting groups of friends free of charge so that it would be possible for them to experience such up-building tour programs.  Bible events come alive when you can actually see places or things first hand that you have read about.  It has been a wonderful privilege to guide many dear publishers and full-time servants to Bible Land locations in Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.  Those joining us on Meander Bible tours at the British Museum (London, England), or taking our tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City have found it to be faith-strengthening. 

To be able to share years of research in the fields of art, archaeology, geography, and Bible history so that others can get the greatest benefit out of their tours has been a real honor.  Learning more about other cultures and religions is valuable knowledge that leads to greater tolerance and appreciation.  This enhanced understanding makes it easier to communicate effectively and joyfully with people of all sorts.  (See Mankind’s Search for God p. 8)  We are deeply grateful for the years of training and guidance we have received from Meander Travel which began Bible tours over 45 years ago. 

Being centered in Brooklyn Heights near the former Bethel World Headquarters buildings has made it convenient for us to help groups arrange customized tours of Watchtower Bethel complexes in Warwick, Patterson, and Wallkill.  Our unique 8 hour Bible based tour of Brooklyn and New York City showing how divine providence has shaped history and theocracy in the region is an eye-opener.  The multi-day Washington DC tour including the Smithsonian Museums and the sobering National Holocaust Museum can be life altering.  These Biblical and theocratic history tours are for the encouragement and spiritual edification of those who appreciate such programs.

All tours have been painstakingly researched using the Bible, publications of the faithful and discreet slave, and reputable secular sources.  Modern experiences are verified with long-time members of the Bethel family.  We humbly and sincerely hope these tours will help build faith in the Creator, Jehovah God, and in his organization and inspired word.  All praise and honor goes to him for the way in archaeology, history, and fulfilled prophecy vindicates the Scriptures! (Isaiah 46:9, 10; Luke 19:40

It will be a pleasure to be with you one day on any of our TOURS THAT ENCOURAGE!



NYC Tour

We are now offering our Providence in Prophecy NYC bus tours for individual bookings on select dates.  Please click the link below to go to our Providence in Prophecy tour page and there you will be able to see the dates available.  From there just click on the date you are interested in to send us an email about that date.  We'll let you know if there is any availability.  These buses will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

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Each of our five Metropolitan Museum of Art tours is entirely different in its 'look and feel.'  However we think you will find it fascinating to see how each of these unique galleries in this exceptional museum are like pieces to a great puzzle that piece together mankind's existence.  

Met Tours

Our tours of New York City and Washington D.C. are full of sites with theocratic and prophetic significance. We have carefully prepared a faith-strengthening tours that focus on how the Bible influenced the founding fathers of the American Revolution, and the significant role played by New York City in the development of the nation.

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