After a five year renovation, galleries in the American wing have re-opened with an astonishing array of art that developed as the new nation spread it’s frontiers.  We have spent countless hours studying and researching this art to help you derive the greatest benefit from your visit.  The March 8, 2005 Awake! magazine contained an article entitled: “Museums - Why Are They Worth a Visit?”  It said for one thing, we can “come away...with an enhanced appreciation for culture.”  We think you will agree!  Furthermore, it noted how “Bible students will be interested” in art that relates to the Bible and that "it is a thrill to come face-to-face with an original.” This will be your experience for sure.

While we cannot say for sure who anointed ones were in the centuries after the apostles fell asleep in death, we do know that there were always some 'growing together' with the weeds. (Matt 13:25, 30)  In time some emerged from the long period of spiritual darkness that was foretold.  No doubt, anointed ones were among those who risked their lives to translate and distribute the Bible.  Others boldly proclaimed rediscovered Bible truths and were persecuted for it.  Where did many of them flee?  To the New World and what later became America.  They came with a bold determination to worship freely and to break free from the shackles of Church and State.  They took Bible reading very seriously and the Family Bible was most important object in most American homes.  Does this have anything to do with our spiritual heritage today?  You might be surprised.     

What else can you look for on this tour?

  • How were prominent persons featured in American art influenced by the Bible?
  • What role did this play in prophecy and initiating the preaching work in America?
  • Artists use art to speak to us and you will be amazed to observe how they do this.
  • American artists copied techniques from the masters and you will enjoy it!
  • You will come away with a renewed appreciation for WT art and art of all sorts. 

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