Those who travel with us to the beautiful Canadian Bethel & Niagara Falls find it both fortifying and exhilarating.

You will see why they call Niagara Falls the "Ageless Jewel of the Americas" (see g01 7/8 and g92 10/8).  As Awake! explains: "it is a magnificent gift from God...and you will marvel at the variety of artistic handiwork in this creation of Jehovah." -Psalms 115:16

Our extensive tour of the area will ensure that you do not miss the best things to see.  Whether it is going under the Falls by boat or over the Niagara River by cable car.

This tour can also be combined with a visit to Canadian Bethel or can be done as a standalone trip.  Trips leave from New York City and are 4 days in length.

We currently can arrange these tours for your full bus group of 40 or more.   You must have your own group of this size as we currently do not have any provisions to join existing bus groups.  Pricing for these tours is based on many factors because we customize each tour experience for each specific group.  Therefore, we do not have a standard “price” we can provide you in a general request.  However, if you would like to begin putting together a tour for your group, you can request information about our tour of Canada Bethel and Niagara Falls by submitting the form below.

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