Children clearly mattered to the king designate and they matter to us to!  Many parents have been asking if a tour could be prepared with children in mind and this tour is the results of much thoughtful preparation.  There are many objects in the museum collection that can be faith-strengthening to children and the purpose of this tour is to bring to life Bible stories in a way that children can relate to.  We have also endeavored to help build appreciation in the hearts of young ones for the ‘gift’ of art that the creator has endowed mankind with.

Knowing something about the techniques of master painters and the subjects they chose, will enable youths to better understand the value of artwork in publications of the ‘faithful and discreet slave.’  Much of this theocratic artwork has been especially formulated with youth in mind.  Wouldn’t it be nice if children were able to get more out of it?

There are also lessons to be learned in the museum’s art collection that will make it possible for youngsters to benefit from the history that is represented in it.  It is a lively and fast moving 2 ½ hour tour that involves participation from all.  It is best suited for children in the age range of approximately 7-13 years old.  We really look forward to seeing the look of fascination on the faces of the dear young ones who come on this tour!

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