General Questions

How much do the various tours cost?

You will notice that no tour costs are posted on this informational website.  We were not established to be a commercial enterprise and our motivation for providing these tours is not profit.  Our tours at The MET museum are operated based on suggested rates. Please keep in mind that The Met's rate for private group tours (such as those conducted by Oasis Biblical Tours) is not optional. These mandatory museum fees increase from time to time.  Our suggested rate covers these obligatory museum fees and leaves us with a small amount to help run this program.  This small amount is the “suggested” portion of our rates.  Of course, those who want to donate less than what it costs us to sustain this program may do so.  We trust that if it is his will, our heavenly Father will offset any deficiency that could hinder our operation. (2 Cor. 8:14)  Please contact us if you would like to inquire about the current suggested rates.

All Oasis tour guides are are qualified brothers & sisters who lovingly volunteer to conduct tours at their own time and expense for the benefit and encouragement of the brotherhood.  Many travel quite some distance in addition to the time spent on the tour, to conduct these tours.

Coach bus tours arranged Oasis Tours are organized as inexpensively as possible based on the size and specific requests of the group (see below).  All of the guides are responsible brothers who are licensed to conduct coach tours.  These tours are custom arranged for each group upon request and are priced as inexpensively as possible according to the size and preferences of the group.  We are happy to discuss potential costs when you inquire.  Necessary deposits and cancellation fees will be explained then. We only use quality bus companies that carry the normal insurance for groups. Providence in Prophecy (New York City day tour) and The Golden Triangle (Bethel tours) usually require at least 2-3 months advance booking.  Tours involving multiple days such as Washington D.C. or Canada requires 4-5 months advance booking.

Questions about our tours at Metropolitan Museum of Art:

I’m a member of The Metropolitan Museum. Do I get a discount?

No.  The Museum does not allow discounts or coupons of any kind for self-guided group tours.  Likewise, City Passes, discounted tickets provided by employers and reciprocal museum privileges from other institutions can not be applied to our tours.

How do we pay for the tour?

The museum requires that each private tour group must be paid for as a group.  Therefore, your guide will collect all funds before you begin your tour and he will pay for and register your group at the tour desk.  As mentioned, the majority of what is collected go directly to the museum and not to Oasis Biblical Tours.

Do our tour donations give us access to the rest of the museum?

Yes.  As mentioned, your donations are used to pay the museum’s mandatory rates for self guided tour groups.  Following your tour you then have full admission to all the galleries, cafeterias and shops of the museum.  Feel free to explore all that The MET has to offer after your tour.    

What time(s) are the tours?

We have three options for tours: A.M., P.M. or EITHER.  Due to a number of factors, specific start times for a tour cannot be known until the actual tour is assigned.  Sunday thru Thursday, we book tours between 10:30a and 2PM.  On Fridays and Saturdays between 10:30 and 4:30PM (subject to availability).

How long do the tours last and can we do both on the same day?

The Woman and Her Offspring, Integrity & The Bible in American History tours lasts about 3 1/2 hours, including a 1/2 hour cafeteria break.  You should plan on your total museum experience, including check-in, etc., to take about 4 hours.  Due to the length of the tours and the amount of information presented in them, we only allow groups to book one tour in a single day.

Can we request a specific guide?

No, we can not honor requests for specific guides.  However, if you are personal friends with one of our guides you can arrange a tour through them.

What languages are the tours conducted in?

American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Chinese- Cantonese, Chinese- Mandarin, English, French, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Quichua, Russian and Spanish

Questions about your MET group:

How can I organize my own tour group?

For Metropolitan Museum Tours your party can be anywhere between 1 to 15 persons.  Simply find out how many you have committed to coming with your group and then go to our tour request page and submit the request for your tour.

Questions about planning your MET tour:

How far in advance should we plan our tour?

All tours, regardless of the size of your group, are booked on a first come, first served basis. We suggest submitting your request a minimum of six weeks in advance for the most flexibility.  However, please feel free to submit your request at anytime as we always do our best to try and accommodate everyone possible.

How should we dress?

We encourage dignified casual dress with comfortable shoes.

Is there a food break?

Yes.  All tours include a minimum 30 min. break in one of the Museum’s cafeterias.

Can we bring our own food and drink?

The museum has a strict policy against bringing in food and drink.  All bags are searched at the door, prior to gaining admission to the museum.

Do we need our Bible?

No.  Our tours are structured in such a way that it is not necessary for you to carry your copy of the Bible.

Can we take notes?

Yes.  We encourage you to bring a notebook and pen/pencil to take note of things for your personal encouragement and research.

Can we take photographs?

Yes.  Photographs can be taken, however please keep in mind the following:

1) As per museum rules, your camera’s flash must remain off at all times.

2) As per our arrangement with the museum and in view of certain copyright restrictions, we also require that such pictures be for personal use only.  We encourage you to share your experience with family and friends, so private use of your photos is fine.  However, no tour participant may duplicate or reproduce the tour contents and/or exhibits for others to use.  This includes, but is not limited to, distributing copies of your photos on CD/DVD, video tape, digital presentation, and internet photo or video sharing.

Can we record the tour?

As per the museums rules, no audio or video recording is allowed in the museum.

Questions about the MET Museum itself:

Where is the Metropolitan Museum of Art located?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in Manhattan on 5th Ave, between. 84th and 80th St. in New York City.  The address is:   1000 5th Ave., New York, NY 10028

Click here to view the location on a map

What time does the museum open?

The museum is open seven (7) days a week. Hours are Sunday - Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Friday - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The museum is closed on January 1st, Thanksgiving Day, December 25th and the first Monday in May.

Is there parking at or near the museum?

Parking Lot: The museum itself has a parking lot that is open 24 hrs.  You can enter the lot at the corner of 80th St and 5th Ave.

Street Parking:  There is also parking available on a limited basis on the streets surrounding the museum.  However, please do not park at metered locations as you cannot leave the tour every hour to renew your parking meter.

Can we get to the museum using public transportation?

Yes.  The best way to do so is to take the green 4/5/6 (Lexington Ave) subway line and get off at 86th St.  Simply walk 3 blocks West to 5th Ave and 4 blocks South to the museum entrance on 82nd St. and 5th Ave.  (Click here for transit maps, schedules and service advisories)

Reminder:  On weekends all aspects of the NYC public transportation system run on reduced schedules.  Please plan appropriately if you plan on using public transportation to reach the museum.

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