After the ‘sacred secret’ involving The Woman and Her Offspring was gradually unveiled, what happened next?  The foretold ‘enmity’ spilled over into the Christian era and even intensified against individual members of those offspring.  By extension, all who desire to keep their integrity are targets of such enmity.  This tour will focus on the 5th and 6th World Powers of Bible Prophecy – Greece and Rome.  Review of the “Bearing Thorough Witness” About God’s Kingdom (bt) book will help prepare your heart for this tour.  It points out that all of the events that took place in the Bible book of Acts were within the realm of the Roman Empire, which encompassed Greece at that time.  Why examine ancient relics and works of “art” from these civilizations?  You will be amazed to see how the negative influences that threatened the integrity of anointed ones back then are nearly identical to what we face today.  We will observe and learn how Hellenization sowed the seeds of western civilization.

What provision was made to help Christians keep integrity in a decadent world?  By divine inspiration, the Christian Greek Scriptures proved to be a source of direction, encouragement, and spiritual strength for the fledgling congregations.  Of course, most of us do not read or speak Greek, so we use translations in our own language.  Yet, there is a marvelous tool called The Kingdom Interlinear of the Greek Scriptures (int) that helps us to understand the basic literal meaning of Greek words and how this would have impacted koine (common) Greek speaking Christians. 

It was the international language for centuries and was uniquely vibrant, colorful, and expressive.   Do you have a personal copy of the Kingdom Interlinear in your library?  We will use it on our tour to highlight how doing so rewards us with increased Bible comprehension and understanding. (int pp. 5-6)

You will come away determined to continue in a course of faithful integrity keeping! (it-1 p. 1210

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