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As you know, Oasis Biblical Tours has been providing a variety of bible based tours in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, CA, and the Bible Lands for several years. Since many often inquire about leisure tours to these or other destinations that we do not serve, we suggest that you go visit our friends over at Illinois International Travel.

They can also be contacted by calling 815-226-9900, or you can go online to: www.betheltourvacations.com  which is the website for Illinois International Travel..


Free tours at the Getty Villa in Southern California have begun! 

Click here to go straight to the One God Versus Many webpage and request your tour.

As originally announced on this site in January of 2017, the tour One God Versus Many at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA has begun.  As the first ever Bible tour program at the Getty Villa designed by brothers for brothers, we feel quite privileged to have worked closely with Getty officials for the past year and a half to make this happen.  A complete re-installment of the Villa's collection by museum curators necessitated waiting on our part for our tours to become fully operational.  Now after months of planning, training and waiting, the new tour is done we are moving forward with this long-awaited tour.

Several pilot tours have been conducted over the past months in order to ramp up for this exciting tour.  While all of the initial tours are essentially full please visit the link above in order to begin requesting your tour.

Oasis Biblical Tours will conduct this tour for free as a labor of love to share our decades long tradition of conducting bible based Tours That Encourage!  The Getty Villa has no fee for private groups and we are passing this advantage on to the friends despite the obvious costs and enormous amount of time spent to develop, schedule and conduct these tours.

  • BRITISH MUSEUM TOURS: Going to London? Be sure to check out the wonderful tours provided by our dear friends at Meander Bible Tours. Oasis Biblical Tours and Meander Bible Tours have been in heart harmony in their motivations for providing tours for over 25 years now. The approach is simply to develop Biblically themed tours that direct all credit to Jehovah and his organization that are designed to strengthen the faith of all.

Click here to visit Meander Bible Tours

  • "OUR SPIRITUAL HERITAGE" is a free walking tour of Brooklyn Heights now available to groups of 15 or more!

Information for OUR SPIRITUAL HERITAGE tours will be posted soon.

  • "THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE" tour of all 3 U.S. Bethel complexes is available to Warwick, Wallkill, & Patterson. This 2-day program includes special presentations on the bus and an Asian buffet lunch.

Please click here for THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE

  • "THE WORD OF GOD ENDURES FOREVER" is the title of our new conducted for free at the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. After 7 years of construction, it was inaugurated in November 2017. The opening week Oasis guides perused the vast collection and since then 6 senior Oasis guides combined their efforts to produce a very comprehensive tour program so you can get the most out of a visit there. You are invited to come see for yourself outstanding proof the Bible has been divinely inspired and preserved among the astounding exhibitions and displays. This tour will be available as a stand-alone tour and will also be included in our multi-day Washington D.C. tour originating from New York City.


Please click here for THE HORN AND THE HOLY ONES

  • “MANKIND’S SEARCH” and “ART – A GIFT FROM GOD” are new Oasis tours you can look forward to at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Availability will be posted soon.


  • WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!is a new temporary self-guided exhibition at World Headquarters in Warwick, New York. This stirring historical display of the loyalty of our dear brothers and sisters in the former Soviet Union and Russia will bring tears to your eyes and is not to be missed! It is amazing to see home-made instruments used to publish literature underground and a replica of a secret basement ‘printery.’

Please click here for information about the WARWICK WAGON

  • “LET US GO UP TO THE MOUNTAIN OF JEHOVAH" continues to be a free tour we recommend for individuals and groups visiting The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel. It is a real highlight of our Israel tours. We worked closely with brothers in Israel to help develop a 3-hour tour that will maximize your benefit in visiting the greatest Biblical archaeological collection in the world. The tour is conducted for free by very qualified local brothers and you only pay the current museum entry fee to the museum.

Please click here for tours of the ISRAEL MUSEUM

Please click here for our tours of ISRAEL


  • The MET is open 7 days a week.

  • MET Museum general admission is optional but private group fees they charge are not.

  • The Bible Stories and Art for Children tour at the MET is for children from ages 7 to 13.

  • The revised Integrity tour at the MET has become the favorite of many now.