2019 NYC Tour dates 




New York City, the Big Apple, the city so nice they named it twice (New York, NY)

Far more than being just just a city to tour for shopping, food and entertainment, New York City is full of sites with theocratic and prophetic significance.  We have carefully prepared a faith-strengthening tour that includes dozens of sights of historical and prophetic interest in this all day bus and walking tour entitled:  Providence in Prophecy

Can it be said that there is “providence in prophecy?”  Can you recognize it in modern theocratic history?  There is proof all over New York of fulfilled prophecy.  What is it?  We will get off the bus many times to see and talk about things that pertain to this compelling theme.

For example:

  • What are two of the most amazing words in Bible prophecy that prove Jehovah is with his visible earthly organization in modern times?

  • Why should you be interested in the most strategic battle of the American Revolution fought in the same neighborhood as Brooklyn Bethel?

  • Can it be said that God has ‘caused things to become’ in fulfillment of prophecies that relate to the development of the 7th World Power of Bible prophecy?

  • Can you find the largest artwork in the world depicting the creator, carrying the theme of "Jehovah"?

  • Was George Washington familiar with Jehovah’s name?

You will discover all of this and more while sight-seeing in the Big Apple.

SMALL GROUPS (1-8):  if you would like to reserve any number up to 8 seats for a trip listed above, simply click on the date and follow the instructions. Pricing for tours on the dates above is located at the bottom of the page for each tour date.  We only allow up to 8 people to be reserved using this method.  We rarely allow more than 8 per group for our preplanned trips above.  If you are more in number, say 10, or 15, then you need to make two separate reservations for you group and someone will contact you

LARGE GROUPS (40-50): If you have your own bus group of 40-50 people and are bringing your own coach bus to NYC we can put together a custom tour for you.  Our Providence in Prophecy tour of NYC can even be scheduled in conjunction with one of our MET Museum tours or combined with tours of the various US Branch complexes.  There is no standard “price” we can provide you in a general request.  We would need to speak to you regarding specific details before we could provide pricing.  These custom tours require a multi-day stay in the NYC area.  So if you would like to begin putting together a tour for your own bus group of 40-50 people, you can request information about our tour of NYC by clicking here and sending us an email with all your information.  Someone will get back to you regarding your request.