Did you know that the first prophecy in the Bible, Genesis 3:15, has affected the worship of mankind all over the world from then until now?  You will see with your own eyes the way in which, knowingly or unknowingly, civilizations and religions have been dramatically influenced by this prophecy.  From the time the prophecy was spoken in the Garden of Eden some 6,000 years ago until the 1st Century C.E. – exactly how it would unfold remained a ‘sacred secret.’ (Col 1:26-27; it-2 p. 837)  This tour spans the first four World Powers of Bible Prophecy that ruled during that time.  Little did each of them realize how they were directly affected by events related to The Woman and Her Offspring.  Are you aware of the different ways?  You might be surprised. (it-1 pp. 973-980) They will be brought to life on this comprehensive Biblical tour.

We continue to be involved in the settlement of issues raised by the true meaning of The Woman and Her Offspring.  No wonder, this prophecy is the theme of the 2012 Calendar of Jehovah’s Witnesses and has been called “A Prophecy That Ties the Bible Together.” (w11 1/1 p. 10)

  • Who uttered this prophecy and to whom? 
  • What was the meaning and fulfillment of this prophecy?
  • How does it affect us today?

We will find out together. 

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